Ticket On Departure (TOD)

Learn how to effortlessly collect your tickets at the station, ensuring a smooth and convenient travel experience.

What is Ticket on Departure (ToD)?

Ticket On Departure (TOD) allows you to collect your tickets at the station, offering flexibility and ease for your train journey. You can collect your tickets any time from the moment you book at any TOD station.

Important Information:

  • Collect your tickets before your card expires if it happens before the travel date.
  • Check TOD facilities and station opening hours here.
  • Ensure to check station opening hours, especially for early morning collections.

How to Collect TOD Tickets: To collect your tickets, you'll need:

  1. Your 8-character ticket collection reference number.
  2. The exact credit or debit card you used for booking.

Collection Options:

  • Self-service ticket machines.
  • Ticket office.


Collect your tickets at least 20 minutes before your departure time to avoid any last-minute rush.

Problems and Solutions:

  • Lost, stolen, or replaced your payment card? No worries – you can still collect your tickets using a different card. Just ensure it has a magnetic strip on the back.
  • If tickets are missing from the machine, flag down station staff for immediate assistance. Follow the steps below.

    What to Do If Tickets Are Missing from the Machine

    1. Verify the number of printed coupons on the collection receipt. Remember, the receipt itself doesn't count as a coupon. Check your itinerary to identify the missing ticket.
    2. If there are missing coupons, flag down station staff without leaving the machine unattended.
    3. Reach into the machine to check if any tickets are stuck in the chute.
    4. Report any faults with the machine immediately. Note that the machines at the station are managed by the train companies, not Trainsplit.

    Lost/ Misplaced Tickets:

    If you are unable to locate a printed ticket, then you will need to purchase a new one for your journey. Printed tickets cannot be replaced, and refunds are not available for missing tickets.

    Trainsplit's Recommendation:

    Consider E-Tickets for a hassle-free experience. Print at home or download onto your smartphone, ensuring you're ready for your journey. Discover the convenience of E-Tickets with Trainsplit.

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