Your guide to Avanti's newest trains

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2 Jun 20244 min read

In 2019, Avanti West Coast announced that they would be replacing all of their "Super Voyager" fleet with new trains, manufactured by Hitachi. A mixture of fully-electric and bi-mode (able to be powered either with diesel or via electric overhead lines) trains were ordered, with the first bi-mode ("805") units entering service on Sunday 2nd June 2024.

In this article, we'll dive into some of the new passenger amenities you can expect on these new trains.

Where will I find these trains?

These new trains will start to work on Avanti West Coast's routes from Euston to:

  • Birmingham New Street
  • Blackpool North
  • Chester
  • Holyhead

They will be in service alongside the existing Pendolino fleet. The increase in available stock means that Avanti are now able to offer additional services between London and Birmingham on weekdays and Saturdays.

A smoother, more comfortable journey

These new trains do not tilt. This does mean that their current maximum speed is slightly below that of the previous trains, but Avanti are working with Network Rail to come up with a new speed profile which will mitigate some of the impact on journey times. Anyone who has ever experienced motion sickness on an Avanti train in the past due to the tilting effect can sit back and relax, as they enjoy a nausea-free journey.

What's provided on-board?

On 5-coach services, coaches A, B, C and D are Standard Class. Coach J is First Class.

10-coach services are formed of two coupled 5-coach sets. On these services, coaches J and K are first class, and coaches L, M, N and P are additional standard class coaches.

Coach breakdown

Coach C is unreserved on 5-coach services. There is no "Standard Premium" offering.

More capacity and more space for luggage

These trains will have the same number of carriages as their Super Voyager predecessors, but the vehicles are 26 metres long instead of 23 metres. Each 5-coach service will have a total of 274 standard class seats. That's an increase of 54 seats, from the 220 standard class seats that each 5-coach Super Voyager previously provided passengers with. Seats in standard class are the same as those found in Avanti’s tried-and-tested refurbished Pendolino fleet, and are designed for long-distance comfort.

A view of standard class on a class 805

Each coach is also fitted with up to 10 table seats, making journeys as groups more sociable, as well as providing even easier opportunities to work on the move.

Avanti Luggage Stack

You’ll also find up to four luggage racks per coach compared to the previous fleet’s two as well as larger overhead racks, making your longer trips with everything but the kitchen sink more stress-free.

Innovative tech for a digital, connected world

In Standard and First Class, tables have been kitted out with inductive wireless charging so you can charge your phone without needing to carry around a charging cable, or at the same time as you use your laptop.

Socket in standard class, shared between two

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Passengers in standard class have access to a USB A socket each, and a 3-pin UK power socket between two.

Want to do some light reading on your trip back from London in the evening? 

In First Class, you'll find a combination of individual seats with their own table and power socket. At shared table seats, each passenger has their own USB A and 3-pin socket for charging on the go.

805 First Class Sockets

Fed up of not knowing if a seat is available to sit in? Have you ever struggled to get a reservation on the day of travel? These new trains have new seat occupancy sensors in every seat, and the train is smart enough to know if someone hasn't turned up to sit in their reserved seat. These unused bookings are expected to be able to be freed up and then offered to other passengers, with real-time updates on reservation status throughout the trip.

Reservations display, traffic lights

On-board catering

Just like the rest of Avanti’s fleet, the new Class 805 Evero trains continue the onboard shop trend, with refrigerated sandwiches, warmed food, and a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages on offer in coaches B and M. You’ll also find a free water bottle refilling station next to the shop.

First class menu on table

For passengers travelling in First Class, you’ll enjoy a selection of complimentary hot meals and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The catering menu does change from time to time, so it’s worth checking what’s on offer when you’re planning to travel on Avanti’s website. Like the Super Voyager trains they are replacing, there’s no dedicated First Class catering on weekends or bank holidays, but you can claim a free meal deal with drink top-ups from the café if you present your First Class ticket.

Don't travel with Avanti? You may still benefit!

The introduction of these new trains means that the previous "Super Voyager" rolling stock will start to be freed up and can be (and has been) used to provide additional capacity for CrossCountry and Grand Central passengers. Some of these trains have already been introduced into service, benefiting passengers in destinations like Bradford, Sunderland, Peterborough, York and on CrossCountry's busy corridor between Reading and Newcastle. CrossCountry have announced an extensive refurbishment programme as well, which will see all trains gaining new seats, tables and the addition of power sockets at every seat (three-pin UK plug sockets and both USB A and USB C).

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